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Received through the This Is Life Eternal website contact page, May of 2015:

I just want to thank you for your inspired Bible reading plan - the Celebration Seventh-day Adventist Church in Florida is using your plan as the whole church will be going through the Bible this year (2014), and the sermons will be from this plan - It will be life changing!

—Vonnie Wamack writes from the Orlando area of Florida

Note: If I get an update from Vonnie, it will be shared on this testimonial page.

I hadn't read the Bible through for over 50 years until I discovered cousin Wretha's yearly Reading plan - I am now on my 4th year in a row reading a different translation each year and have been so blessed with the inspiration and depth of God's heart of love and the plan of salvation as laid out and absorbed when able and eager to read the Bible through in a year. Some days I don't read at all, but then I love the weekly (rather than the daily) plan of being able to read for several hours in a row - I can hardly put it down and become so engrossed in the stories! I, too, have shared it with my small Bible study group of ladies, plus a number of people I've given a Bible along with Wretha's suggested weekly plan...such an incredible blessing, and today I'm sharing it with my step-granddaughter who just moved to her first apartment and has recently expressed an interest in reading the Bible. Praying that God will lead HER developing a knowledge of truth as she seeks to really know Jesus.

—Jan, a nurse, writes from southern California

Note: Jan is Wayne and Harriet Hooper's daughter, and my 1st cousin "once removed." Because of our down-sizing move after 45 years in Florida to Tennessee, I almost lost the rhythm of this ministry! But God is lifting me up with inspiring comments that I had not seen until the last few weeks!

When thinking of the "This is Life Eternal" Bible reading plan, the verse that comes to mind is Psalms 42:1. "As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God." (NIV) After going through the "This is Life Eternal" Bible reading plan two times, it gave me a thirst for the Bible that is not satisfied with books that talk about the Bible or plans that only require reading a verse or 2 from the Scriptures. So, I took the lead and have done this Bible reading/study plan at least 9 times with a small group of ladies. It is an easy plan to use for a group because everyone participates by sharing what is significant for them in the reading for that week. Each time we read through the Bible, I see more of how much God loves us and has tried to help us understand His love in different ways. God's word is never void.

—Rachel Selent, who lives in Florida, is a business woman, mother, wife, dietician, and food service provider

(Note to our readers: The following message from a dear Christian gentleman in Germany is "copied" and passed on to you without any editing. He "discovered" the TILE Bible Reading Calendar on his own and viewed it as a valuable "tool"! God is working! Unfortunately my computer was down for much of 2008 and I did not find his message until 2010! I tried to contact him but could not. I'm hoping he'll again visit this website, see his "testimonial" and contact me! W.L.)

Dear brethren,

Thank you very much for your bible study plan I dicovered on thisislifeeternal.org. It is great to have such a good tool do study the Word through a year!

I am the elder of the local church of Malchow, Germany, and we are about to set up an internet presentation about our church. My wish is to translate the Bible Study Calendar into German and make it available to the public via the internet.

If you will allow me to do so, I gladly will send you the result for your use, if interested. Please tell me how you think about this.

May God bless you in His service,

Mit freundlichen Griissen,

With kind regards,

—Gunther Hanke, Germany

Facebook Message to Wretha Lang (FYI: “Rob” is our second son.)

Uncle Rob knows this story, but I need to tell you as well. A family friend of mine is working in Memorial Hospital here in Chattanooga as a nurse. She's gotten to know her coworkers well and they have gotten into spiritual discussions. She's now started a Bible Study with fellow nurses on her shift right there in the hospital! She mentioned she was puzzled on what to study at first because there are many different religions present--including Catholic, and Protestants--earnestly seeking for Biblical Truth. Well, she looked online and found these Bible studies called, "This is Life Eternal"!!! As soon as she said that, I was like OH!! Those are the studies my uncle's mom put together!! She was very excited and pleased with how the studies have been going because they're simply reading the Bible through together and "it's incredible how Adventism goes right along with the Word of God!"

I was SO excited to hear this, and wanted to pass along gratitude to you in letting the Spirit work through you to bless others...even in a hospital break room in downtown Chattanooga!

—Kristina Dunn, R.N., Collegedale, TN

Following the This is Life Eternal (TILE) Bible reading plan is a refreshing way to keep in touch with God. For the past three years I have followed this plan, using a different version of the Bible each year. Currently I am using the “Clear Word” and really enjoy this easy-to-understand translation.

In 2010 my sister joined me in the TILE Bible reading plan; now we share thoughts and encourage each other. I recommend this innovative Bible reading plan to everyone who chooses to experience the blessings of daily Scripture reading.

—Gerre St. Clair, e-writing from Michigan

Now that I’ve completed my third year using this Bible study calendar, I can truly say I know God better and recognize His love quicker and more deeply. Reading the Bible in this plan ties all 66 books together into one Big Book, instead of individual books or subjects. Rather than reading from Genesis to Revelation (and getting bogged down in Numbers or Chronicles), it becomes a deeper spiritual experience to read New Testament writings concurrently with subject counterparts in the Old Testament.

Following this plan in a small group—perhaps six?—helped me be accountable to others when keeping up-to-date with the calendar. Because most of us in the group were using a different version, we were enlightened by making translation comparisons. I’ve been greatly enriched with this plan. Thank you, Wretha.

—Adell Haughey Claypool, (retired) College Music Professor, Band director and Instrumental Instructor, writing from Florida

This is my third year of going through the TILE Bible study guide with basically the same group of women. During the first year, I was enriched by discovering the context of certain Bible stories and Bible promises. There were many AHA! moments for me. Each week I try to remember to look for inspiration and not just for information. My growth continues. This year I am especially finding new truths in old, familiar promises.

—Barbara Huff, a member of the Port Charlotte, Florida Seventh-day Adventist Church Writer (church publications, and special-feature reporter for newspapers) and speaker, both in the US and abroad

I am on my third journey through the Bible using Wretha’s This is Life Eternal study guide and what a blessing it is. Each year I have chosen a different version of the Bible and it is interesting to see how the various translations compare with the King James Version.

Many times I have started to read the Bible through but have given up about the time I reached Judges or Chronicles. Now that I am finally “getting it” those books aren’t so daunting and I can understand why they are in the Bible.

I pray that as we start the New Year many will be encouraged to try this plan. It has brought me closer to God in ways that I never thought possible. It doesn’t matter what is going on in my life now, because God has promised to be with me at all times and to go before me in the difficult times. What an awesome God! What a privilege to know Him better!

God bless you as you join His team!

—Joan Flynn, (retired) Executive Assistant, Adventist Health System, Florida

I am gaining so much from using this plan. I’ve read the Bible through many times but this is the best plan I’ve found so far. It keeps me motivated to keep going, because it is all in chronological order. And you don’t have to finish as many pages per day. Thank you so much for figuring this out. Am dating my weeks as I go, so that I know when I finished. Some weeks I finish in only a few days.

God bless you as you serve Him.

—Beth A. Stephan (location unknown)

A few years ago, one of my favorite people, my mom, was inspired to design a Bible study calendar which has been published in various places. She counts it a great blessing to share it with people everywhere she goes — and she was touched that I wanted to make it available at Hope on Fire's website.

In all my life, I had never read the entire Bible in a year, until last year, when I successfully used “my mom’s plan.” I hope you will be guided and blessed as you consider using this unique approach to reading His Word.

—Chris Lang, Producer/Director for Lifestreams Media, Inc. - A non-profit TV/Film Production Ministry, Orlando, FL

What Wretha Lang has done to make reading the Bible in one year is such a joy, and remarkable.

—Pauline Pichette, Bible Student, mother of an SDA pastor, Port Charlotte, FL

I'm really excited to have found a reading plan that works with my schedule! I have tried other Bible reading plans, but I get frustrated and give up if I get several days behind. When you have a weekly assignment, it makes it easier to stay caught up. Some days I spend more time, other days less, but I know I'm making progress and am really blessed! Also, I really like the way the plan weaves a chronological journey through Scripture. I highly recommend this plan!

—Mark Bond, graphic designer and creative director for Bond Design, Inc., Swan Valley, MT

When I sit down to read the Bible, it is tempting to read the New Testament only even though there are many gems in the Old Testament. This Bible reading approach gives the reader the opportunity to feast on the beautiful story of Jesus’ life in the New Testament while adding passages from the Old Testament that enhance our understanding.

This plan has it all: You will read the entire Bible in a specific time frame.

It is orderly and leaves out nothing.

It is arranged to present God from the Old and New Testaments as they fit together to tell the story of salvation.

This Bible reading plan will change your life as you grow in the knowledge of the Scriptures.

—Gail Pelley, R. N., M.S., nurse administrator, living in Orlando, FL, former missionary to Vietnam, and Author of Celebrate God, now available in Adventist Book Centers

Letter to the Editor, Adventist Review, April, 2005

“Thank you for sharing ... Wretha Lang’s outline for Bible reading. Through the years I have been richly blessed as I have read the Bible through from Genesis to Revelation. Sometimes I have taken more than one year, so that I can take my time and savor the depth of meaning. This year I decided to try Lang’s challenging outline and what an exciting and inspiring journey it is proving to be.

For example, I found it so refreshing to go from the first few chapters of Genesis to Ecclesiastes and then back to Genesis again and then on to some of the Proverbs or some of the Psalms. I’ve also found it interesting to change from one version of the Bible to another. Truly, as Ellen White wrote: the ‘word of God…is a leaf from the tree of life’ (Testimonies for the Church, vol. 8 p.33). I encourage all to partake of it.”

—Mildred J. White, Hayden, Idaho

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