Bible Study Journal

Below is a PDF file showing a sample Bible Study Journal page entry. Bible Study Journal pages are easy to use.


1. Copy one page for each day of reading.

2. As you read and study, special topics of interest will jump out at you. Write those topics as headings in the squares provided, assigning one topic to each square. (Use additional pages if necessary.)

3. As you continue to read, write down specific texts that correspond to each topic of interest underneath the heading in the box provided.

4. Jot down additional thoughts concerning your chosen topics of interest in the Discussion Points section. Give each discussion point a number to match its corresponding topic of interest.
See the sample page.

5. Use the Personal Diary Notes section to record special events, appointments, or general observations.

6. Hole punch the pages and store them in a binder for future reference.

Sample Journal Page (95 KB)

Blank Journal Page (65 KB)

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