The THIS IS LIFE ETERNAL (TILE) Ministry began in Florida (1998) and developed nicely. But now we have become residents of TN! And instead of a 700 member church to share it with, I have a 3,500-4,000 member church!! Fortunately, the pastor for outreach and evangelism, liked the fact that we had companion products to be used along with the TILE calendar: journaling pages (a sample one and a blank one), Prayer Journal pages, and a handbook for leaders of small TILE groups (more info in the window below).

If you click on "Testimonials" to your left, you will see several statements reflecting how some "graduates" of this 52-week program valued their TILE experience. We would love to share new ones. Send us your experience through this website at

There is not room to tell you details of God's direction, putting me in touch with just the right people to move this ministry along! I would appreciate your prayers that God will give our small groups wherever they are a deep and abiding love for the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit!

I recently turned 80 years old, and my heart still beats with excitement when God reveals Himself in the small groups! I hope to continue as long as my mind and body will support me!!!

In His love,

Wretha Lang

Important Announcement

WEBSITE STATUS (February 7, 2017): As promised last time we updated information on this website, the Handbook for Moderators of THIS IS LIFE ETERNAL is ready for you! It is 275 pages long, with the first 14 pages being acknowledgments, testimonials and personal stories of my experiences with TILE. Then there are practical suggestions for successful TILE groups and encouragement for Journaling and Prayer Journaling. Pages 21-275 give discussion points for each of the 52 weekly assignments.

Now I'm actively looking for those who are born with a gift for leadership! It has been difficult to find volunteers for this position, so pray that this ministry will thrive and flourish!

If, like many others who were asked to lead a group, you are feeling "unqualified," let this book give you the tools that will give you confidence with the Holy Spirit's help! You can contact the Collegedale SDA Church office manager, Debbie Hinton, at (423) 396-2134. Usually the office is open from 9-5, ET. The cost is $20.00 plus $7.00 if shipped.

If you need to print out one or two weeks' assignments, click on downloads, choose This is Life Eternal Handbook, click the print icon (near the top right -- it looks like this: ), enter the beginning and ending page numbers for the desired portion, and then click print.